Jaguar XKSS

Legendary Jaguar XKSS again in production.

Jaguar-Replica presents a brand new Jaguar XKSS replica. Only 16 XKSS cars were made and one of them was owned by famous Hollywood actor Steve McQueen. Now you can buy one for yourself!

Original 1950s Jaguar XKSS was completely unassembled and copied so that a perfect replica could be made. Our company offers several types of Jaguar XKSS construction. We offer aluminium bodywork, a Jaguar “construction set”, or a complete car.

Jaguar-Replica offers several types of Jaguar XKSS construction – complete aluminium car based on Jaguar E-type as well as a perfect copy which does not differ in any way from the original model.

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Jaguar XKSS - complete car

Jaguar XKSS



Jaguar XKSS - body and parts

Jaguar XKSS



Jaguar D-type - complete car

Jaguar D-type


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