Jaguar C-type - complete car

Jaguar C-type specifications:

Bodyworks and chassis:

All-aluminium handmade bodywork designed by Malcolm Sayer mounted on tubular frame according to original designs by Bob Knight.  All bodywork accessories such as windshield, doors and front grille etc. are based on original pieces. Bodywork is the RHD version with door on the right.


All parts of the interior are made to correspond with original pieces. Steering wheel, seats and upholstery are the highest quality with great attention to detail. All materials in the cockpit, including leather, are authentic and come from English producers.

Engine and gearbox:

Jaguar C-type replica uses six-cylinder Jaguar engines – 3,4l or 4,2l and classic SU H8 carburettors or Weber carburettors which were used in later versions. Engines are tuned to provide the highest possible output, using high-quality racing components such as sharp cam, racing pistons etc.

Axles and driving:

Front axle is sprung by torsion bars with racing shock absorbers. Engine’s output is transmitted to rigid axle spring-loaded by torsion bar with modified limited slip differential which can be adjusted according to customer’s needs or according to specific gearbox. Rack and pinion steering is copied according to the original, including all the details. Customers can choose from early type drum brakes or modified cylinder brakes for better handling and comfort.

We are able to configure and build any variant and specification.

Jaguar C-type
Jaguar C-type
Jaguar C-type
Jaguar C-type
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