About us

The company Jaguar - replica was formed by merging two companies – JH Classic and Old timer Classic which specialized in restoration and selling vintage cars.

Jaguar - replica was founded for customers who wish to own successful 1950s racing cars. The company has had a long tradition of restoration and service of English racing and passenger cars such as Jaguar, Austin - Healey, Rolls-Royce, Triumph, MG etc. This experience enables us to fulfil our customers’ dreams to produce replicas of legendary racing cars Jaguar C-type and Jaguar XKSS, which was based on racing model Jaguar D-type.

Our company offers high quality aluminium replicas based on original specifications of Jaguar models. Our customers demand quality and precision and ask for accurate replicas of successful Le Mans cars.

Our replicas are intended for real men and drivers who want feel like racers such S. Moss, Hill. Our replicas are not equipped with modern features such as ABS, ESP, and capacity limiters etc., which increase the weight of car and decrease its performance. These cars were designed to win the biggest races of the world so they are only equipped with the most vital features for winning. The driver and his racing Jaguar have to form one body and one soul.

We hope to appeal more and more satisfied customers who wish to experience driving a real and raw racing car.

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